Oily Skin



Cleanse: Flawless Skin Brightening Acne Brightening Wash 2%/2%, Exfoliate: FSO Glycolic Brightening Pads, Tone: Flawless Skin Salicylic Acid 2% Toner, Correct: Flawless Skin Magical Mint Mask, Treat: Flawless Skin Enriched Glycolic Acid Serum, Hydrate: FSO Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Protect: Flawless Skin Physical Defense SPF 45 (Tinted: Light or Medium)

Eye Treat: Flawless Skin Retinol Eye Cream


Cleanse: FSO Acne Brightening Wash 2%/2%, Tone: FSO Salicylic 2% Toner, Exfoliate: Flawless Skin Retinol .25 Enhanced COQ10 Serum or FSO Tretinol .05, Hydrate: FSO Glycolic 10 % Cream


Starter Kit


Cleanse: Flawless Skin Gentle Cleanser, Exfoliate: Flawless Skin Refine & Bright Polish, Correct: FSO Pumpkin Mask, Tone: Flawless Skin

Botanical Toner Protect: Flawless Skin Physical Defense SPF 45


Cleanse: FSO Antioxidant Soothing Cleanser, Exfoliate: FSO Glycolic Brightening Pads Correct: FSO CE Ferulic Hydrate: Flawless Skin Nighttime Dream Cream


Key Product Notes

-Flawless Skin Acne Salicylic Acid 2% Pads, Flawless Skin Glycolic Brightening Pads 15%, & Flawless Skin Acne Treatment Pads 5% are great for teens that play sports and adults that workout.

-Flawless Skin Bright Eye Complex is perfect product for under eye circles and Puffiness.

-Exfoliants should be used 2-3x a week. When starting a chemical exfoliant, such as a Retinol, it should be used 2 days a week and increase slowly.

-Flawless Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum is great from acneic patients because it doesn’t clog the pores, but holds up to a 1,000 times its weight in water so that the skin can hold that moister in for longer. It’s very light so it can be used as often as needed.